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Winners of 2015

Indian Road Safety Campaign, Solve participated in the Maruti Suzuki Indian Road Safety Mission 2015. We bagged the First Prize in Association Category for successfully collaborating with NGO's and spreading awareness about Road Safety issues in India. Our success story was aired on Times Now in 2016 in which the cause and origin of the project were shown and how the project has been impactful.

Startup Award (AmbiVan)

AmbiVan received Top 10 startup Awards on Alumni Day IIT Delhi . Awarded by Dr. Jayant Sinha (Minister of State for Civil Aviation) on Alumni Day 2017, IIT Delhi for being selected among top 10 startups. Our startup aims at providing fast and reliable ambulance service through a wide network of hospitals and ambulance providers brought under one roof. The alarming number of deaths of accident victims due to unavailability of ambulance during the Golden Hour gave rise to this social innovation project.

Startup Award (Helmet Project)

Casque-Our Helmet Improvement Project- received Top 10 startup Awards on Alumni Day IIT Delhi .Awarded by Dr. Jayant Sinha (Minister of State for Civil Aviation) on Alumni Day 2017, IIT Delhi for being selected among top 10 startups. Our startup project aims at designing a prototype helmet which is safe, lightweight and adequately ventilated. Moreover, the project also focuses on reducing the cost and make it viable for mass production.

Youth Implementation Partner of steering committee of Safer Roads for Gurugram

Indian Road Safety Campaign,Solve signed a Memorandum of Understanding as the "Youth Implementation Partner" of the Safer Roads for Gurugram Committee with Transport Department (Government of Haryana), Municipal Corporation Gurugram, UNITAR, Central Road Research Institute (CSIR), New Delhi, AIMTC, Safe Road Foundation, DLF Foundation and Ola to tackle road safety challenges in Gurugram as a pilot to save millions of lives lost due to road accidents in India.

Smt. Smriti Irani Visit

SMT. SMRITI IRANI (HRD MINISTER) visited the Road Safety stall during inaugration of Lecture Hall Complex, IITD. Indian Road Safety Campaign, Solve was one of the 12 projects/startups which was selected for the Social Exhibition visited by Hon'ble HRD Minsiter, Smt. Smriti Irani at IIT Delhi. We hope to keep creating the high amount of impact to make Indian Roads Safer.

Ola Safety Council

Indian Road Safety Campaign is one of the board member of First Safety Council setted up by OLA. The council will strive to achieve the five objectives of the ‘United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety.’ These include improving road safety, upgrading transport infrastructure, ensuring the safety of vehicles, improving road behavior, and improving response for emergencies.

Launch of iSAFE'18 & Road Safety Booklet

IRSC had launched the iSAFE (National level annual college championship by Indian Road Safety Campaign initiated with the aim to involve youth to work for road safety ) in 2017 with support from MoRTH and it was a great success. Now we are up with it's second version and this year Union Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari Launched the 2nd version of iSAFE - The Safer Indian Challenge, on the launch of National Road Safety Week 2018. Know more about i-SAFE here

An initiative towards a Safer India with World Health Organisation

On 23rd June, Indian Road Safety Campaign (IRSC) joined hands with the World Health Organization (WHO) towards making Indian roads safer. The Project capped various events around various locations of Delhi enclosing discrete schools, institutions and hospitals and in the streets of the capital to engender and escalate Road Safety among people. During this, Solve organized diverse events such as Video and Audio Recording (Share Your Story), Quiz Competitions, Awareness programs, First Responder Workshops and A Day of Remembrance. The events created a tremendous response and sensitized people on the importance of road safety.

Collaboration with United Nation Institute of Training and Research

Indian Road Safety Campaign collaborated with the United Nations where both will be working towards building a safer India. Estrella Merlos, Associate Director of UNITAR, graced the event and joined hands with IRSC to work towards road safety and signed the Memorandum of Understanding in India with its president Amar Srivastav on 2nd September’ 2018. Together, in the coming years, IRSC and UN would be working on awareness projects such as FR course designing, training and capacity building of Government officials, lawmakers, media, Medical arm projects, developing e-courses on road safety and a plethora of projects. Among all this, UNITAR is now IRSC’s iSAFE partner too.

International Road Safety Media Awards for Short Movies at WHO Conference, Bangkok

IRSC was invited by World Health Organization (WHO) and Government of Thailand at World Safety 2018, Bangkok to represent India and speak about its efforts to ensure safety for all. IRSC got a chance to share the scenario of road safety in India and also how Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India and Indian Road Safety Campaign are working together to drive awareness and solve issues through civic participation with delegates from 150+ countries. Media and technical innovations created by Indian Road Safety Campaign for Ministry of Road Transport and Highways were on continuous display across the conference and were awarded as the top entries to International Road Safety Media Awards 2018 by WHO. The importance of the multi-stakeholder approach in combating safety issues was one of the major takeaways of the conference.

Launch of WHO-Legal Development Program

Indian Road Safety Campaign was invited by World Health Organization (WHO) at the launch of the WHO-Legal Development Program for Road Safety in India to share about the need for development of an inclusive, effective and implementable legislation in the field of road-safety that can enhance the speed at which we can develop Safer Roads in India! IRSC’s founder and president, Mr Amar Srivastava to speak on the issue. Consulting all stakeholders and implementing agencies before amendments would lead to the development of effective legislation that can solve complex social problems like road-accidents at a faster pace!

Indian Road Safety Campaign has collaborated with International EYElliance, a multi-stakeholder coalition which aims to address the world’s uncorrected vision problem through public-private cooperation, as the first partner across the globe to focus on Road Safety! IRSC will be the first road safety partners across the globe to tackle the problem due to poor vision head on. IRSC will be working in collaboration with EYElliance across India and South-East Asia to provide glasses and conduct eye checkups for drivers. IRSC would be working in partnership with global organizations like US AID, Draper Richards Foundation etc.

IRD Grant for Ambivan

Ambivan is a joint venture of Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and Indian Road Safety Campaign. The project aims at providing fast and reliable ambulance service through a wide network of hospitals and ambulance providers brought under one roof. IRSC has received the grant of 2 Lakhs from IIT for this social innovative project. The prime objective is to reduce the response time of emergency services thus making them faster and better.

Case Study by United Nations

IRSC is glad to share that two of its key projects are now available on the UN Website as case studies for road safety organizations across the world. It was a surprise 6 months back, when IRSC received an email from UNITAR, the United Nations subsidiary leading their road safety initiative, about their willingness to cover its work as a case study in UNs toolkit on road safety. The projects are available on the UN Website and UN RS portal (

IRSC at United Nations Office at Geneva

IRSC was invited at United Nations office at Geneva and was represented by its president Mr. Amar Srivastava. It was an honour to represent India at United Nations Geneva Trialogue and share about the work IRSC is doing in India with leaders from Governments, civil societies and private sector corporates from 45 countries! Scaling education for the SDGs is a very important aspect of progressing towards the Global SDG 2030 targets and IRSC is trying to do the same via University based programs in India with the support of World Health Organization (WHO) and UNITAR!

UP Road Safety Workshop' 2018

IRSC was invited by Uttar Pradesh Government to discuss with District Administrations, Police Officers, RTOs and Youth from all over the state along with Shri Yogi Adityanath and Deputy CMs of UP as to how road safety education, awareness complemented with technology and enforcement is important for building a safe state and why multisectoral youth led movement is integral to building a sustainable approach to problem solving. Indian Road Safety Campaign was also felicitated for it's efforts by the Government and together it would be rolling out various initiatives in the state in coming months to improve road safety and save thousands of lives being lost at that moment in the state.

Airing the message on Road Safety on AIR

Indian Road Safety Campaign's president Mr. Amar Srivastava was invited by All India Radio - Akashvani to share the story of IRSC to discuss #RoadSafety and the pressing need of passing the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill, 2017 during the current Winter Session. The interview was broadcast on all frequencies of All India Radio on 29th December' 2018.

Bosch-IRSC College Chapters Inauguration in south

Indian Road Safety Campaign signed a landmark tri-party memorandum of understanding with Bosch India and different colleges(like; LPU, KLE, PSG, BMS) on December 2018. An inauguration session was held where Indian Road Safety Campaign’s representatives motivated the students of these colleges and encouraged them to follow road safety rules and regulations as well as informed about the current technology being used and could be used in this field hoping these students will lead the way for better and safer roads in future. IRSC will be organizing year long activities in these colleges chapters. And Bosch-IRSC will be inaugurating 10 more colleges in Jan 2019.

Collaboration with World Health Organisation

Indian Road Safety Campaign together with World Health Organization (WHO) would be working on a serious of projects aimed at creating awareness, improving post accident emergency care and use of safety gear among the youth across India in coming months in our endeavour to reduce the number of fatalities happening due to road accidents in India.

Special Feature on Times Now

Indian Road Safety Campaign featured on Times Now and expressed why road-safety is the need of the hour and how Indian Road Safety Campaign is using innovative and creative methodologies to aware/train people about road-safety in collaboration with local stakeholders and government across different states in India.

Best Wishes by the Hon'ble Vice President of India

The Indian Road Safety Campaign is glad to share the greetings from the Honourable Vice President of India, Shri M Venkaiah Naidu Sir for International Conference on Safer Mobility 2019 (ICSM 2019) which is being organised by Indian Road Safety Campaign in collaboration with NITI Aayog, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India and United Nations Institute of Technology and Research (UNITAR) in IIT Delhi from 30th - 31st May 2019! The Conference would host key senior ministers, politicians, academicians, bureaucrats, representatives of civic societies, students from different part of the countries, all coming together to deliberate how Indian roads can be made Safer and Better. Join us for the conference by registering here:

Lead NGO for NGO Panel Discussion | National Road Safety Week

Indian Road Safety Campaign was an active part of the 29th National Road Safety Week celebrations by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India. We were invited to give two talks during the same to Govt. Representatives, Ministers and NGOs and Civic Societies along with launch of iSAFE, 18 by Honble Nitin Gadkari Sir. The first talk focussed on the 'How we at Indian Road Safety Campaign are using civic societies' to solve pertinent road engineering issues across India' and was addressed to the Chief Engineers, Transport Ministers and Secretaries of various states as to how to deal with Road and Vehicle Engineering issues. The session promoted the involvement of commoners in solving technical issues. In the Second talk, Mr. Amar Srivastava (President & Founder, IRSC) along with experts from NITI Aayog, World Health Organization South-East Asia Region - WHO SEARO and Media spoke about the importance of collaboration, youth and tech in the functioning of NGOs to increase the pace at which we can solve the pertinent issues of 5 lakh accidents and 1.5 lakh deaths happening across India.The talks enabled the change in the mindset of leaders who had come to Delhi from various parts of the country and that can increase pan India efforts towards Safer India!

Invited at Safe Road Summit 2017

Indian Road Safety Campaign was invited by Mercedes-Benz and Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India at the Safe Road Summit 2017 to speak to experts on road-safety across the world about how we are working with the youth in India through IRSC to reduce the fatalities due to road accidents and save 1.5 lakh people annually. We were the only Indian NGO that was invited at Safe Road Summit 2017.

Launch of Missionroadsafety by Shri Nitin Gadkari

Missionroadsafety portal was developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways to make the data more readible and accessible for the common public. The website illustrates various details about road crashes in the different states of the country. The website was launched by Shri Nitin Gadkari.

Improving Road Safety and Transport system

Indian Road Safety Campaign was invited by United Nations (United Nations Institute for Training and Research) and Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Govt. of India to speak to experts on road safety from across the world on the role of academic institutions in raising awareness on road safety and how we are creating a pilot here in India with Indian Road Safety Campaign. We were the only NGO to have been invited by the UNITAR for the event.

Launch of iSAFE’19 & Motor Vehicle Driving Regulation Videos on the Inaugural Ceremony of 30th National Road Safety Week

With a vision to make Indian roads safer, Shri Nitin Gadkari (Hon’ble Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Shipping and Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation), Smt.Sushma Swaraj (Hon’ble minister of external affairs), Shri ML Mandaviya (Minister of State, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways) and Shri V. Kalyanam (Personal Secretary, Shri Mahatma Gandhi) launched the 3rd edition of iSAFE (9-Month long championship for 5000 schools and colleges across India) along with Motor Vehicle Driving Regulation Videos 2017 on the inaugural ceremony of 30th National Road Safety Week here today. The Inauguration ceremony took place on 4th February 2019 at Gandhi Darshan Smriti, Rajghat. The event started with the welcome speech by the Secretary of Road Transport and Highways followed by the launch of various Road Safety Initiatives.

Trauma Care- A National Mission

As an observance of 30th National Road safety week, Indian Road Safety Campaign participated in panel discussion on the Theme: Trauma Care- A National Mission on 8th February 2019. The panel discussion aimed at exploring avenues of engaging youth in road safety. Mr. Amar Srivastava (founder and president of IRSC) was one of the esteemed panelists of the said event. IRSC shared the importance of first responder training and also told about the "Good Samaritan Law" website that was recently launched from MoRTH’s website. People from different ministries such as the World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations, celebrities along with students were part of this event.

Tree of Remembrance

IRSC'S new project called Tree of Remembrance was successfully inaugurated at Delhi Technological University. The project is an initiative of NSS DTU with IRSC supported by youwe Nissan for dedicating a tribute to road accident victims while delivering the road safety message using their road accident vehicular parts and placing them on a tree trying to convey the message "If you don't follow traffic rules your future may turn like this. so follow traffic rules".

TVS Entrepreneur Day

TVS Entrepreneur Day aims to create awareness around safety of roads globally. IRSC was invited by TVS group on its annual TVS Entrepreneurs Day in Chennai to share and speak about the work Indian Road Safety Campaign has been doing and was represented by its founder and president, Mr. Amar Srivastava. Around 750 global team leads of TVS group attended the mega event. TVS and IRSC would collaborate and work together in coming years to improve the paradigm of road safety in India.

Another feather added in the cap

Recently, Mr. Amar Srivasatav (President and Founder, IRSC) and Mr. Deepanshu Gupta (Lead - Marketing and Communications) met Hon'ble Former President of India and Bharat Ratna Shri Pranab Mukherjee Sir. He got to know about Indian Road Safety Campaign, SOLVE and its initiatives and how IRSC is using the power of young change makers for improving the scenario of road safety throughout the country. He appreciated its efforts and would be joining IRSC soon in its journey to build a Safer India!

All praises by IAS Shri Vijay Kumar Dev

Indian Road Safety Campaign (IRSC) was highly obliged to meet Chief Secretary of Delhi Government Shri Vijay Kumar Dev (IAS) at Delhi Secretariat. The team presented before him the various initiatives that IRSC undertakes so as to promote Road Safety in India. Shri Vijay Kumar Dev (IAS) highly appreciated the initiatives and gave his best wishes for the upcoming "International Conference on Safer Mobility" to be organised by IRSC on May 30-May31 in IIT-Delhi. He also expressed his concern towards the grave issue of Road Safety and assured us of the support of Government of Delhi to curb the menace of Road Safety.

Paris Peace Forum

Indian Road Safety Campaign is proud to announce that its project is selected to be showcased for advancing global governance at the #ParisPeaceForum in November. IRSC is the only project from India to be selected to the Paris Peace Forum lead by French President. There, it would be presenting our work along with projects from World Bank, Governments and organizations of 113 countries across the world, being the only organization invited from India and one among the only 2 invited in the Development theme from Asia.

Diana Award

Indian Road Safety Campaign is proud to announce that its Founder and President Mr Amar Srivastava has won the Prestigious 2019 ' The Diana Award ' for the change that IRSC has brought by bringing together thousands of youth to work towards the Safer India vision. The Diana Award, awarded by Diana Foundation, is considered as one of the most prestigious accolades a young person can receive for their social action or humanitarian work. IRSC would like to thank the volunteers and all the team members who have made this possible!