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Panel Discussions

IRSC regularly holds panel discussions, inviting experts in the field of road safety and discussions are based on all aspects of road safety. The role of youth in overcoming the problem of road crashes is highlighted in these discussions. Students and enthusiasts from various institutions participate in these discussions and gain valuable insights.

Street Play

Drama can convey messages in a much more efficient manner than anything else. And hence, we organise street plays at various locations. The colleges participating in our competitions also organise similar plays and these plays are held at the places where the outreach can be maximised.

Slow Down Requests

We, at IRSC, don't leave any stone unturned to bring about significant changes in the field of road safety. Our volunteers go out to the streets and ask the people to restrict their speeds in person and to wear helmets. It is believed that many people take a lesson from these incidents and follow them.

School Visits

The learnings we make as a child are carried forward throughout our lives. Therefore, we especially target school children and encourage them to take road safety carefully and follow traffic rules. Besides, we also host several essay-writing, sketching, quizzing competitions to instil such values in children.