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Medical Emergency Booklet

Approximately, 1 lakh people out of the 1.6 lakh people could have been saved in case they could have received some emergency care within the golden hour but most cases people do not help them due to their apprehensions! IRSC, Solve hence has come up with these Frequently Asked Questions related to the medical aspects of the post accident care with the support of Prof. Sushma Sagar, AIIMS Trauma Care Center. Please refer to the FAQ's to solve your queries about the same. Let's all come forward and help the victims.

Medical Emergency Videos

Indian Road Safety Campaign, Solve is striving hard towards the improvement of post-emergency care in India. Though we strive to train each and every individual, it is not possible to reach out to each and everyone across the country in a very short time. Hence, IRSC believes that in case there is someone who would like to help an accident victim, he should be able to access the first responder (Basic Life Support ) videos we have specially curated under the supervision of AIIMS, to help the victim! Hence, we would like to request, that in case you find an accident victim, please refer to these videos and save a life if possible!