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Technical Internship

IRSC gives students the opportunity to work under professors and faculty members at premier institutions of India and to work on projects that shall help improve the road conditions of India. Last year, we had 30 interns for our program working on 10 projects overall. The projects involved study, research and ground visits as well. The interns worked in close collaboration with the faculty members and successfully completed their projects.

Helmet Project

Our venture, Casque stems from years of stagnation in the thought process of researchers and helmet designers worldwide and the mounting cases of road accidents and deaths due to head injuries, especially in India. The objective is to revamp helmet design through innovation untried earlier, in order to make the helmet absolutely user-friendly, comfortable and economical as also ergonomic while multiplying the safety factor exponentially.

Mission Road Safety

This portal was developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways to make the data more readible and accessible for the common public. The website illustrates various details about road crashes in the different states of the country.

Good Samaritan Portal

IRSC has collaborated with Delhi Police, Save Life Foundation, Indian Institute of Technology, etc to spread awareness from our end. It has a separate website for the Good Samaritans where they can pledge that they won’t ignore any victim in help! People can also share their stories so that others could get motivated and follow their steps. It is a belief that following Good Samaritan law can bring a major change in the society.

Breath Analyser

Breath Analyzer is a device used for detecting the level of blood alcohol concentration from a breath sample. It is used by the police and regulatory authorities all across the world to detect if a suspect has taken a considerate amount of alcohol above the permissible limit in various case of criminal investigation.