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About The Hackathon:

The Hackathon on Road Safety is organized by Indian Road Safety Campaign (IRSC) in collaboration with the IIT-Guwahati and BOSCH with the aim of utilizing the intellect and ideation capabilities of the students of premier technical colleges of India for developing implementable solutions in form of digital solutions to promote road safety, to reduce the frequency and effect of road accidents or for detecting frauds.

Our long-term goal for the Hackathon is to launch implementable products/solutions into the market stream that solve some prevalent problem. The competition lay emphasis on developing ideas for Road safety related issues which often becomes the reason behind deaths in road accidents and how to incorporate these ideas to curb such issues.

Hackathon is divided into three phases i.e.
Phase 1 - Interested students are required to register for the submission of their concept note through the online portal. Students can participate as an individual or in a team (max. 4 members),
Phase 2 - Qualified teams are required to submit an execution plan of their concept note. The report must clearly state the concept and technical principles that would be used to generate the prototype, the uniqueness of idea and feasibility in terms of execution and finance. Submit the report on the online portal.
Phase 3 - Selected teams would be called at IIT-Guwahati for the final round where they will be given 24 hours to work on developing an implementable solution.

If you’re contemplating judging, volunteering, or mentoring, shoot us an email at


  • Phase 1 : idea submission starts

    20th Feb, 2019 | 08:00 Hrs

  • Phase 1 ends

    5th March, 2019 | 23:59 Hrs

  • Announcement of selected participant for phase 2

    8th March, 2019 | 23:59 Hrs

  • Phase 2 : Plan of action submission starts

    9th March, 2019 | 10:00 Hrs

  • Phase 2 ends

    16th March, 2019 | 23:59 Hrs

  • Announcement of selected team for phase 3

    22nd March, 2019 | 18:00 Hrs

  • Phase 3 : Hackathon at IIT Guwahati

    30th March, 2019 | 10:00 Hrs

  • Hackathon closing ceremony and final result announcement

    31st March, 2019 | 18:00 Hrs


Improving driver skills and building applications and/or simplistic integrable devices that can make driving much more easier and efficient. Here, we aim to target both domestic as well as commercial drivers. Such improved techniques and assistive technologies can prove to be very beneficial in bringing down the number of accidents.

Driver Behaviour

We find bad road conditions to be one of the most difficult problems to tackle with an on-ground implementation because of the cost, labour and logistics required. Hence, we shall be looking for some feasible technological or digital solution so as to monitor and handle such problems efficiently.

Road Conditions

It is found that in general, more accidents are caused by rookies and unauthorised drivers. It is sought that some technology may be employed to make the task of analysing and detecting frauds on the roads is made easier. Here, frauds include underage drivers, drunk driving, drivers without appropriate licenses, etc.

Fraud Detection/TPA Insurance

Build a Seamless platform to communicate/highlight issues with the local authorities and central ministry over various issues and reporting problems by the locals.

Connection with Local Authorities

Analysing why an accident happened is a very important aspect of our endeavour to build safer roads. If we can come up with a web-tool/app that can make crash investigation easy and help us perform the same in a systematic way, should be a game changer.

Crash Investigation

Working on an web/tool that can improve the post accident emergency space in India. From working on making it easy for the victims to claim financial support to the process of getting an ambulance- there is a lot of gap in the space that can be worked upon by using technology to improve the same.

Emergency Connect

Working in law space to help people with all the legal solutions at the tap of the button.

Legal Connect

People most often do not know whether there vehicle is in the best state to undertake the journey. We can come up with a solution that can help citizens evaluate the state of their vehicle before every drive and help them any issues before the start to have safe journeys.

Vehicle Fitness

An app/website that can perform JRM for auditors and identify areas which can be improved.

Journey Risk Management

A free tool can be developed for the police of the nation that can help them monitor speed of the vehicles, implement odd-even policies, track fitness of the vehicles and age of the same, person wearing helmet or not, has the seat belt on or not based on continuous video feeds.

Smart Analyzer

An app that can drive volunteerism of people, to increase the awareness level about road safety and it's importance, and come up with user driven content.

Volunteerism and Awareness

Innovative games/VR Bases approaches that can be used to teach kids people about road-safety using Traffic Simulations or various other approaches.



₹ 50,000 Cash

1st Prize

₹ 35,000 Cash

2nd Prize

₹ 20,000 Cash

3rd Prize

Travel Reimbursement for Winners


Certificates and merchandise will be provided to all the participants.